Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics has been a major driving force in the development of modern technologies in virtually every field of engineering. Semiconductor technology has led to the development of fantastic devices like computers, mobile phones, televisions, music systems, etc. When combined with communications technology, the possibilities that arise are infinite. Electronics technology is considered a core engineering field and serves as the foundation for several other technologies, including communications technology, computer technology, information technology, etc.

With this in mind, the Department of Electronics & Communication was established since the inception of the institute in 2008. It initially started with an intake of 60 students and later, in 2011, the intake was increased to 120 students. The department boasts experienced faculty members, technical staff, and well-equipped laboratories. Teaching is complemented by expert lectures, workshops, training courses, and industrial visits to enhance both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students.

Facts that make us Unique

Vision: To produce globally competitive and socially sensitized engineering graduates and establish the department as a center of excellence by fostering professional competence in the core areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Our First Mission

To impart high-quality education in electronics and communication engineering and instill professional ethics in our students.

Our Second Mission

To adopt the best pedagogical methods to maximize knowledge transfer.

Our Third Mission

To develop adequate mechanisms to enhance the understanding and practical implementation of theoretical concepts.

Our Fourth Mission

To provide the best facilities, infrastructure, and environment for our students, researchers, and faculty members, creating an ambiance conducive to excellence in technical education and research.

Head of Department

Name Prof. Shailendra Kumar Pawar
Qualification M.E. (Electronics & Telecommunication) from SGSITS Indore, B.E. (EC)
Experience 12 year Teaching experience
Publications 5 Research paper published in International and National journal and conferences, Attended more than 20 Seminars and Workshops
Expertise 4G wireless Technology (Handoff Process), Analog & Digital Communication

Laboratory Facilities:

The department has eight fully equipped laboratories in which the following labs are conducted: Fundamental of Electronics Engineering Lab, Analog Electronics Lab, Software Lab, VLSI Lab, Microprocessor Lab, TV & Radar Lab, Microwave Lab, Digital Lab, Control Lab, Antenna Lab, Optical Fiber Communication Lab, Communication Lab, and Project Lab.