Conferences Workshop & Seminar

Institute has been organizing Seminars & Workshop on regular basis since its establishment.

International Conference was organized on 9-10 January 2009 on "Recent Trends in Soft Computing and Information Technology".

National Seminar was organized on 4-6 May 2011 on "National Seminar on Computational Techniques for Engineering Applications".

Details of all conferences, workshop and seminar conducted in last few years are listed below.

Title Speaker(s) Date
Expert Lecture on "Machine Learning" Experts from Splen Technologies 18 Feb, 2020
TTP on "Python & MATLAB for Research in Mechanical Engineering" Dr. Varun Rammohan, Asst. Prof, ME, IIT, Delhi, Dr. Munshi Yadav 10 to 14 Feb, 2020
Expert Lecture on "Importance of Certification in IT Industry." Experts from Prema Computers 31 Jan, 2020
Workshop on "Python Programming Language" Mr. Prateek Mishra, Techsim+ Pvt. Ltd. 27 to 31 Jan, 2020
Expert Talk on "Career opportunities in the Department of Atomic Energy" Mr. Sanjay Chouksey, Head – Planning and Machining Section, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Department of Atomic Energy, Indore 20 Jan, 2020
Title Speaker(s) Date
STTP on "Waste Management - A Step towards Clean & Green INDIA" Dr. Harshvardhan Thakkar, Mr. Rajiv Goswami, Mr. Manohar Patil 18-19 Oct, 2019
STTP on "Soft Computing Techniques in Electrical Engineering" - 28-29 Sep, 2019
Workshop on "Virtual LAB" Experts from Bharti School of Telecom, IIT Delhi 25 Sep, 2019
Workshop on "Cyber Security & Security Awareness" Dr. Rajesh Shukla, Mr. Anil Sharma 18 Sep, 2019
Workshop on "Embloyability Skills Training" Dr. Ajit Shrivastava, Dr. Sheetal Kanwal, Mr. Dependra Umath 16 - 17 Sep, 2019
FDP on Emerging Material in Industry - Engineering Composites & Polymers Dr. Umesh Ku. Dwivedi, Dr. Abhishek Jha, Dr. Deepak Jain, Dr. D.P. Mondal, Dr. Gaurav Ku. Gupta 14 - 15 Sep, 2019
Expert Lecture on "Water Supply Quality, Quantity and Factors Affecting Them" Prof. S.S. Dhodapkar, Retired Chief Engineer, Dept. of Water Resource 13 Sep, 2019
Workshop on "Gender Senetization" Ms. Kumund Singh, Founder Member and Secretary of "Sarokar" 28 Aug, 2019
STTP on “N/W Administration and Shell Scripting using Linux” Er. Hemraj Singh Chouhan, Er. Bhalendra Singh, Prof. Girjesh Chouhan 17-18 Aug, 2019
Expert Lecture on Java Server Pages (JSP) Er. Rajesh Kumar (Senior System Analyst, UST Pvt. Ltd.) 23 Jul, 2019
Workshop on Internet of Things (IOT) Experts from Indeyes Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Bhopal 19-20 Jul, 19
Expert Lecture on Cyber Security Experts from Cyber Intelligence Unit (NGO) 06 Feb, 2019
Expert Lecture on IOT Experts from Indeyes Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Bhopal 28 Feb, 2019
Workshop on Python Programing Experts from Techsim+, Bhopal 28-30 Jan, 2019
Title Speaker(s) Date
Workshop on Hardware, System Software Installation and Internetworking” Mr. Rajesh Pathak and Lab Technicians of CSE Dept., CIST 31 Aug, 2018
Workshop on Web Browser Automation using Selenium Experts from Techsim+, Bhopal 31 Aug, 2018
Expert session on PHP Experts from Web Ganges 09 Feb, 2018
IOT Challenge Experts from i3 India 15-16 Feb, 2018
Workshop on Python Language Experts from Techsim+ Bhopal 12-13 Feb, 2018
Seminar on Game Development Er. Rajesh Mewada from Infinity Tech Soft, Bhopal 29 Jan, 2018
Title Speaker(s) Date
Expert Session cum Demonstration Session on Drones: Flying Robots beyond the Images Trainers from Blue Ocean Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 06 Sep, 2017
Expert Lecture on Digital Marketing Digital Marketing experts from eLearnix (ALMA) 07 Nov, 2017
Workshop on Core Java and J2EE Architecture Er. Rajesh Kumar(Senior System Analyst, UST Pvt. Ltd.) 11 Nov, 2017
Workshop on Internetworking on Linux Machines. Experts from ITE Bhopal 04, 06, 09 Oct,17
Expert Lecture on “jQuery” Prof. Raju Sharma, A.P, CSE Dept. CIST 27 Sep, 2017
Expert Lecture on “Linux and Open Source Technologies” Experts from ITE Bhopal 11 May, 2017
Workshop on “Computer H/W, Internetworking, and System S/W Installation” Prof. Piyush Garg, A.P, CSE Dept., CIST 13 May, 2017
Expert Session on Cyber Security Awareness Digital Marketing experts from eLearnix (ALMA) Bhopal 24 Apr, 2017
Hand on Workshop on “HTML” and “CSS” Prof. Neeraj Sharma, A.P, CSE Dept., CIST, Prof. Priyanka Malviya, A.P, CSE Dept., CIRT 06-09 Mar, 2017
Three Days workshop on “AJAX” and “jQuery” Prof. Raju Sharma, A.P, CSE Dept, CIST 28 –02 Mar, 2017