AIMS: To prepare the novice nurses well equipped with sound educational programme in Nursing and to train them with the current professional and technological advancements.

OBJECTIVES: B.Sc. Nursing programme is designed to prepare the students to:

  1. To enable the nurses so as they can function efficiently with the members of the health care team, so that to work based on competency based health care.
  2. To help the nurses to think differently in every situations and to apply scientific body of knowledge in each and every clinical situations.
  3. To help the nurses to develop their personal and professional ability so that they can give their best outcome for the society and can become a useful and productive citizens.
  4. To develop an ability to coordinate with the members of the health team for the prevention, promotion, curation and rehabilitation aspect of health care.
  5. To acquire licensure to practice and get eligibility to get admitted for the post- graduation programme.


AIMS: Train the nurses with the best clinical competencies according to new innovation and professionally challenging situation.

OBJECTIVES: P.B.Sc. Nursing programme focuses on the students to:

  1. To plan and implement nursing care plan according to the priority need of the client.
  2. Assist each and every client need focusing on rights of the client.
  3. Apply different Nursing theories according to each situation.
  4. Use critical thinking and problem solving approach for giving better patient care.
  5. Effectively use of available recourses, also advanced technologies so that he client can receive best patient centered care.
  6. Exhibit a evidenced based approach towards nursing practice and in the health care delivery system.
  7. To prepare the nurses to participate effectively in rendering nursing care with holistic approach regardless to social, ethical, religious, racial or political affiliation.


AIMS: Prepare the under graduate students to carry out all the responsibilities of client care by maintaining the best possible levels of health in every aspects.

OBJECTIVES: after the completion of the programme the students will be able to:

  1. Administer all the steps of nursing process with rationale and apply for providing nursing care.
  2. Demonstrate basic nursing skills in carrying out all the basic and advanced nursing procedures to meet the client needs.
  3. Demonstrate skills in different areas like administration, nursing education, and research.
  4. Applying theoretical knowledge from different branches of Science like Humanities, Biology and Behavioral Sciences for assisting client care.
  5. To inculcate the use of ethical principles, morals, and values for personal and professional development.
  6. To demonstrate expertise in planning, organizing and carrying out appropriate actions to meet nursing needs.