The CAH: “Always at Your Service" - The main objective of ESSARJEE EDUCATION SOCIETY (Corporate Ayurved Hospital, Bhopal) is to promote the health care and awareness by Ayurvedic system of Medicine, as this is the ancient system of medicine which is cost effective, More harmonious to human beings in comparison to the western system of medicine.

CAH conducts comprehensive curriculum related to the Science of Ayurveda for increasing the awareness of Ayurveda at National and International level. To organize such courses which would help the Ayurvedic practitioners to enhance and refresh their knowledge.


Corporate College of Ayurvedic Sciences, Bhopal, is situated in the city Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. It is well connected to Road/Railway & Airways to rest of the country. College is spread over 3 Acres of land college have well established Hospital, Administrative & Academic Block’s. The Infrastructure and facilities available on campus are amongst the very best.


A fully functional hospital with an average of around 130-140 patient per day, along with a 60 bedded IPD section of assorted six IPDs.

  1. Hospital is fully equipped & furnished with all ayurvedic as well as modern treatment facilities.
  2. Panchkarma department is well functional with all panchkarma equipments tools & medicines providing better health to the patients. Department has separate cabins for. SNEHANA KARMA, SWEDANA KARMA, VAMANA KARMA, VIRECHANA KARMA, VASTI KARMA, SHIRODHARA KARMA, RAKTA MOKSHANA KARMA.
  3. Hospital has its own fully functional pathology, X-ray, ECG & Facilities.
  4. Here we have eight functional OPD’s with their specialized M.D. consultants
  5. It has own Ayurvedic medical store providing quality medicine to patients.
  6. Well functional Operation theatre with all modern surgical facilities.
  7. Well functional “Labour Room” with all necessary facilities.
  8. OPD Timing 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Casualty 24 x 7