The Students Activity Centre is formed for governing different student activities at Corporate group. SAC is monitored by the Faculties (Students Activity Centre) and regulated by various Student office bearers, in charge of different activities. Students at corporate engage themselves in a large number of extra-curricular activities, and a student can find an interest group corresponding to almost any hobby. State of the art facilities are available in the SAC. Cultural activities are a set of performing and non-performing arts, which are run by a set of clubs corresponding to different skills and interests.
Various Clubs come under SAC are as follows:

  • * Sports Club.
  • * Cultural Club.
  • * Photography Club.
  • * Performing Art & Craft Club.
  • * Mass Communication Club.
  • * Social Club.
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S.No Name Designation
01 Prof. Syed Waseem Ali SAC Coordinator
02 Prof. Rohan Rajput Sports Coordinator
03 Mr. Amit Yadav Sports In charge
04 Prof. Neeraj Sharma Photographic Club
05 Prof. Sandhya Pandey Cultural Club
06 Prof. O.P.Shukla Member(Sports)
07 Prof. Himanshu Member(Sports)
08 Prof. Yatendra Kashyap Member(Sports)
09 Prof. Wachas Mishra Member(Sports)
10 Prof. Mayanka Tripathi Member (Cultural Club)
11 Prof. Jyotika James Member (Cultural Club)
12 Prof. Anurag Khare Member (Cultural Club)
13 Prof. Bharti Member (Cultural Club)
14 Prof. Vineeta Rajput Member (Cultural Club)
15 Prof. Vandana Gautam Craft Club
16 Dr. Vijya Menon Mass Communication Club
17 Prof. Priyanka Soreng Mass Communication Club
18 Prof. Sandeep Sharma Mass Communication Club
19 Prof. Yatendra Kashyap Mass Communication Club
20 Prof. Vivek Koshta Mass Communication Club
21 Prof. Rohan Rajput Social Club
S.No. Roll Number Name Branch Designation
01 0502CE161007 Ankit Verma CE Student Coordinator
02 0502CE171046 Roopesh Kumar CE Member
03 0502CE181042 Om Prakash CE Member
04 0502CS161056 Sujeet Kumar CSE Student Coordinator
05 0502CS171026 Rameshwar CSE Member
06 0502CS181026 Md.Rehan Alam CSE Member
07 0502EX161023 Md.Adil Khan EX Student Coordinator
08 0502EX171012 Bullet Kumar EX Member
09 0502EX181026 Safiullah Khan EX Member
10 0502ME161031 Prakash ME Student Coordinator
11 0502ME171007 Ahsan ME Member
12 0502ME181026 Rituraj ME Member
13 0502EC161007 Kundan Kumar EC Student Coordinator
14 0502EC171003 Amit Kumar EC Member
15 0502EC181005 Ramesh Kumar EC Member
16 0502CS181008 Aman Raj kashyap CSE Member
17 0502CS181047 Saurav Kr. Jha CSE Member
18 0502CS181020 Madhusudan CSE Member