Nature Club

A nature club has been constituted on 13th May, 2019 in Corporate Group of Institutions. Thus club will install love for nature so that students can contribute towards development of the country keeping sustainiblity of nature in the forefront. All living beings other than mankind are crucial for the survival of homosapiens. This will only be possible if our youth participates in bird watching, trips to forest reserves and night camps to make them understand how we can survive with their presence.

Recent Activities

Bhoj wetland winter Bird Count 2019
Engineers visit towards nature.

Nature Club student List:

S.No Student Name Branch Semester
01 Kashif ME 7th
02 Santosh Kumar EX 7th
03 Shivani EX 7th
04 Akash Day EX 7th
05 Bullet EX 7th
06 Shivam CE 7th
07 Saurabh Kumar CE 7th
08 Kundan EC 7th
09 Akash Kumar Yadav CSE 5th
10 Alok Kumar ME 5th
11 Amit ME 7th
12 Divyanshu CE 7th
13 Durgesh Kumar EX 5th
14 Rahul Ranjan EX 5th
15 RamNaren Pandey ME 7th
16 Ritu Raj ME 3rd
17 Sandeep ME 7th
18 Abhishek ME 7th
19 Sujeet Shrivastava EX 3rd
20 Aditya Sharma EX 7th
21 Md.Imran EX 7th
22 Rakesh Kumar Thakur EX 3rd
23 Pratiksha Singh EC 3rd
24 Anupam Shrivastava CE 7th
25 Vishwajeet ME 5th
26 Farhaan EX 5th
27 Afaque Mahfuz EX 5th
28 Rehmat ME 7th
29 Mukesh Kumar EC 3rd
30 Brahmdev CE 3rd
31 Rohit CE 5th
32 Abhijeet CE 5th
33 Amir Aquique ME 3rd
34 Dinesh CE 3rd
35 Om Prakash CE 3rd
36 Saubik Roy PY 3rd
37 Sandeep Karmakar PY 3rd
38 Rishu Kumar PY 3rd
39 Sana Ahmad PY 3rd
40 Taha Naazy PY 3rd
41 Dipika Prajapiti PY 3rd
42 Ragib Afzal PY 3rd
43 Shiva Yadav PY 3rd
44 Mukul Nehar PY 3rd
45 Ritik Kumar PY 3rd
46 Vivek Roy PY 3rd
47 Dipu Singh PY 3rd
48 Brijesh Shah PY 3rd
49 Shahid Hussain PY 3rd
50 Rajkumar PY 3rd